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About Learning Disability

“The easiest thing to be in the world is you. They must  difficult to be in what people want you to be  Don’t let them put you in the position"

I don’t like maths, I don’t like to read social science even I don’t like to be in group ,I hardly  share my feeling to others. I don’t have friends and I am not able to score good marks but I know what would be the ratio of chocolates if its distributed between me and my siblings of course   I  know who built Taj Mahal  and our beautiful monuments and its value. I know how photosynthesis make leaves green. This happen to me because

I am Learning Disable as people use to say it’s my problem but it’s not mine it’s your problem that you never teach me the way I learn my learning is not your way of teaching so place teach me the way I understand the fact.

It’s  all about when I sit with my learning disable kids I as a special educator feel all kids are skilled we need to explore in different shades.

Basically it’s neurologically based   processing problems. It can be affect an basic learning skills reading writing must and  etc .IT cannot be cured first we have to understand the May the and facts It is life-long challenge only support parenting intervention and different teaching learning process can achieve success.

It includes number of other more specific, learning disabilities.

Dyscalculia: Effects on maths facts

Dysgraphia: Effects on fine motor skills

Dyslexia: comprehension reading spelling fluency recall writing affected.

We need to understand the dynamic of the psychological factors that are associated with problem in learning it is necessary to consider relevant attributes of a learners such as:

  • Self- esteem
  • Self - efficacy
  • Self- worth
  • Control and motivation

Teachers after blame a students learning problems on his or her lack of motivation what I felt sometime teaching would be more interesting. In classroom contexts motivation diminished by:

  • Irrelevant or boring tasks
  • Information overload
  • Lack of variety in teaching approach
  • Negative reinforcement and criticism
  • Lack of success


  • Interesting tasks that present the right level  of challenge
  • Activities that bring with them pleasure enjoyment satisfaction and success
  • Social reinforcement in form of positive feedback from others
  • Ownership and responsibility for a task
  • Freedom to make choices and decisions concerning what to do and how to do.

Social skills training: My Tools My sense

  • Making eye contact
  • Greeting others by name
  • Gaining attention in appropriate ways
  • Talking in a tone of voice that is acceptable
  • Initiating a conversation
  • Maintain conversation
  • Answering the questions
  • Listening to others and showing interest
  • Sharing with others
  • Saying please and thank you
  • Helping others
  • Making apologies when necessary
  • Joining in group activity
  • Taking turner
  • Smiling at others
  • Accepting praise
  • Giving praise
  • Accepting correction without anger
  • Coping with frustration
  • Managing conflict

To large extent these behaviours once established are likely to be maintained by natural consequences that is by a more satisfying interaction with peers.

Parents Question DESK:

Q: My son is in class third standard upto class II he was good in everything now he hate writing and scored grade in maximum subjects. Why it happen, I am so puzzled started tuition make him writing three to four pages writing every day. What to do?

A: Your son needs one to one interaction and different way of teach learning process which would be practical based and interesting too. Rather than giving tuition and writing taskssit with him, talk about chapters understood his skill area and focus on his learning instead of marks when learning comes marks upgrade automatically.

Q : Shivami is in class IX she lose interest in SST and Maths because of these she can’t able to handle other subjects though she love Hindi and English and Science.

A: Firstly you should start some remedial teaching and make her practice .Even then she is not capable than go for clinical assessment that is called psycho-academic test in way government hospital .On the basis of that report you can exempt her Sst and maths replace it with any skilled subject that would be music fine-art home-science etc.

Q: Is it possible to exempt subject as she is in one of the best school at my place.

A: Yes it is, it’s all structured in CBSE rules for these kinds of student’s .no school deny.

Q: My son hates long answers. Please energetic.

A: Make him understand first and then tell him to write answer on the basis of his understanding only which explain the topic only. Writing practice would be done minimum trice before exams.

Blog by: Nishi Mishra || CRR No: A44092

Profession: Nishi Mishra

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    • Posted Date: Mar 10, 2020


  1. Nikhil Priyadarshi
      Mar 26, 2020

    An Excellent analysis about disability

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      Mar 23, 2020

    This bhog is really useful for students please keep updating more bhogs ?? And if u can please write on parenting..????????

  5. Shreshtha bhavya
      Mar 23, 2020

    This bhog is really useful for students please keep updating more bhogs ?? And if u can please write on parenting..????????

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