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#BeingMom - Pratibha Bhatnagar shows us why mothers are such champions

As our month-long #BeingMom winds up to a close, we bring you the story of Pratibha, mother to Akshay Bhatnagar, a national award winner, sportsman and dancer.

  May 25, 2019 ||   By Admin

When a boy with Down syndrome became the sub-inspector of Chennai

Nineteen-year-old Stevin Mathew grew up chanting "I am police" like a mantra, partially influenced by the films he watched.

  May 25, 2019 ||   By Admin

Story of Blind Indian athlete- who did the whole nation proud by winning a Bronze medal

Janki Goud, a village girl from MP might be visually impaired since birth but she didn’t go into a shell, usually cursing her fate or making lame excuses for her failure in life.

  May 25, 2019 ||   By Admin

Lok Sabha passes Autism Bill: Things you need to know

Autism Bill, which was passed by Lok Sabha on Thursday (December 20), had been approved by the Rajya Sabha last week.

  Dec 23, 2018 ||   By Admin

Relief for students with disabilities, CBSE exemptions to take effect from 2019

Parents of children with disabilities are happy that the exemptions announced by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will come into effect from 2019.

  Oct 15, 2018 ||   By Admin